Human trafficking discussions

In the film “Human Trafficking” somebody pronounces the sentences “The Devil is not without his charms” and “This is a business that preys on young women”. In this blogpost I will explain what I think these sentences mean in this context and explain them.

“The Devil is not without his charms”

I think what is meant with this sentence is that you never really know who you are trusting, and that a man that seems nice and reliable, can turn out to trick you and be the “devil”. In the movie one of the traffickers pretend he is a guy who is interested, and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. When she is just starting to trust him, he takes her on a roadtrip and there she is left with other prostitutes and traffickers. This shows that those who seem interested may be someone totally different who you can not trust.

“This is a business that preys on young women”

In my opinion, this sentence means that the business is dependent on young women. Young women are also exposed and exploited. They are an easy target because they have big dreams that the traffickers take advantage of. An example from the movie is when the young women are tricked into believing that they are going to be models, when they really are being kidnapped for sex industry.

Letter to the next President

Dear Mr. President,

I´m writing this letter from Norway, because even in our country we are doubting the fact that you are becoming the new president.

In the year of 2016 our world faces a lot of challenges like the lack of education, climate change, race relations, income inequality, Middle East Policy, declining infrastructure and so on. For all of these challenges we need an educated and experienced leader, and I just wanted to enlighten the huge responsibility that you have.

Mostly why I started writing this letter was because I´m concerned of the way you´ve spoken of women. Some of the things you´ve been saying, has in my opinion been a real huge setback of the fight for equal rights. As a president you have to set an example and by speaking of women in this way you make other people believe it´s alright to discriminate women because of their gender.

We live in a modernized world where women have fought for their rights for many decades. In today´s society inequality shouldn´t even be theme to discuss, and at least not talk negatively about.

So please Mr.President, please remember the huge responsibility when you go forward as an important example. A lot of people from all over the world are watching you and following you.

Thank you for reading my letter,

Benedicte B. Braathu



Humans of Oslo

Today´s lesson was a project called Humans in Oslo. We walked around in Oslo and interviewed people that we thought looked like tourists. One of the persons we stopped was a woman who’s name was Chanapa. We started the interview with an introduction and some simple and superficial questions. She was very positive and was more than happy to answer. Although, it was quite hard to get personal with her, we believe it was hard for her to open up to strangers. Also, she seemed more interested in hearing about Norway and our school project. The most interesting answer i got from Chanapa was that she was from Bangkok and was the third generation there.

My impressions of the experience was very good and positive. I liked the task and it was fun to do something different. At the same time, I felt like it was very educational and that I improved my English. I don´t see any particular way this could have been done better or done more useful, because it was very successful in all ways.



Topics for the year – questions

Studying and Working Abroad

Many young people choose to go abroad to study or work. What might be the reasons for this?

The reasons for choosing to study or work abroad can be very different and individual from person to person. I would personally like to study abroad, or at least travel after high school and the reason for that is primarily because I feel I will get much more out of the studies if it is abroad. If you study abroad you don´t only learn your chosen subject, you also learn about a new culture and I see that as valuable knowledge. Another reason may be that you experience a lot more and it´s something totally different than what you are used to.

Global Issues

In our global society there are many challenges. (environment, overpopulation, terrorism, conflicts, etc.) Choose one issue and discuss it (problem, where, effect, possible solution).

Poverty is a problem that, maybe without us thinking about it, affects the whole world. It affects the whole world in the way that richer regions must donate money and help the ones in need. The problem is mostly widespread in Africa and Asia. The effect of this is a twofold global society where the richer parts of the world only gets richer, and the poor countries never get out of the evil circle. There is one big possible solution and that is education. Education is the key to get out of poverty because we need knowledge so we can solve the problems.


What is multiculturalism? Can you give examples of multicultural societies? What possibilities and challenges do multicultural societies face?

Multiculturalism is two or more cultures living together in a society affecting each other. Because  of the globalization we can find multicultural societies all over the world. Bosnia-Hercegovina is an example. There it is required that various groups sits in the government.   Another example is Norway; more and more immigrants come to Norway and that makes us a multicultural society. The possibilities multicultural societies face is that we learn a lot more about other cultures and get a wider understanding of how the rest of the world lives. A challenge is how we adjust to each other and different rules and norms. In multicultural societies it is important to both give and take, and also respect each other.

Breaking the ice – feedback

I didn´t have any huge expectations for today´s lesson, but I was curious and excited to find out what the ice-breaking activities and the news reviews was.

During  the ice-breaking and trust exercises i felt nervous, excited, happy, curious and a little bit afraid. I felt nervous because i don´t know so many people in the class. At the same time I felt happy because it was very fun and interesting to do something different. I was curious and excited because I didn´t know exactly what we were going to do and it was something different that I didn´t quite expect. The fact that I didn´t know exactly what we were going to do also made me feel a little bit afraid.

Even though these exercises made me feel many different, both positive and negative, feelings I think it is important to have them in classes like our English course so everyone feel safe and so that we trust each other.

Today I learned the importance of trusting each other in English class and also many new and well-known sayings in English.